The Company

Teodan was established in 1981.

Teodan was founded as a family business, as the family has a tradition within this line of business.

The heads of the business are the 4th generation within the field of metal spinning and thus they posses the required expertise and experience.

Teodan is exclusively a contract manufacturing business and at present we service different lines of business such as sanitary appliance merchants, lighting businesses, machine parts manufactures, radio and television suppliers, etc.

Teodan is situated in the central part of West Sealand with access to main roads and railway.

Today, the areas of the business consist of 1800 m2 production facilities and an 8000 m2 expansion area for future plans.

8 Keypoints

  • Solely sub-contractor business
  • Exports amount to approx. 60% of the total production
  • Expertise in traditional and good workmanship
  • Modern technology
  • Small and large lines of products
  • Own manufacturing of tools
  • The products can be finished in one house
  • Quality management in accordance with our own quality manual

​Teodan ApS

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